6 strategies for attractiveness

I want to teach you some tricks for attractiveness that I always use.

Always answered.

So let’s go …..

1 – Regular and stylish ponytail

We are all accustomed to tying our hair with a ponytail when we want to tie it simply, which makes it look slutty and irregular.

In this first solution, you have to divide the hair from the top and the bottom into two categories.

Then close the top with a tight cache.

Now add the bottom handle of the hair to the top handle and close it.

As you can see in the photo, it’s seen a lot more stylish and disciplined, and it’s more attractive.

2- Fill your hair with shades

When you put your hair up or you’re tightly collecting, you’ll see that some places are empty on the faces and in front of the hair, especially those with thinner hair.

Fill those blanks with an eyebrow or eye shadow that will get your hair colored and a small one to make it look more beautiful.

3- Natural and tidy eyebrows

One thing that is very important in the face and plays an essential role is the eyebrows.

To have neat and well-shaped clouds, be sure to comb your eyebrows first, and then draw your eyebrows with a pencil or whatever you want, just fill in the gaps with your eyebrows.

Note that you should not draw and fill the frame around the eyebrows at all because it looks very ugly and artificial.

4- Blush

Blush is especially useful for those who do not do a lot of makeup and want their face to look natural.

The best color that I suggest that suits both light skin and green is peach blush.

Use lip liner

Always try to draw a regular lip line before applying lipstick with a pencil darker than your lipstick color and then fill the inside with lipstick.

After applying lipstick, make that line a little bolder again.

In this way, it gives you a more beautiful color and a more beautiful and tidy lipstick.

6- Beautiful smile

Finally, I must say that the most important and main part is when the make-up is over and you smile to make the make-up more attractive.

If your teeth are not clean, tidy and white, your smile can not be very beautiful, so be sure to use good toothpaste and toothbrush to have white and beautiful teeth.

Kasra and I have been using misswake toothpaste for a long time, which is the only pumpy toothpaste in the world, and after a period of use, it whitens teeth up to 50%.