Facial cleansing at home

In these coronary days when we can not go out of the house for our work, in order not to neglect our skin care, we must take care of our skin at home with the means available so that it does not lose its freshness.

I came up with a facial or a complete skin cleanser that could be a good alternative until we can go to the salon and do our caramon again.

Be with me …

first stage:

First you need to thoroughly clean your skin. I did this with a handmade soap that cleaned my face very well without drying my skin.

second stage:

The next step is to drink warm water, which opens the pores of the skin and makes it easier for the cartoon to drain the pimples.

Another effect of drinking warm water on the skin is that it kills dead skin cells.

third level:

At this stage, if you have pimples, drain the blackheads or subcutaneous pimples with two ear cleaners.

Be careful not to use your finger to do this at all.

Step 4:

Scrub mask

1/5 tablespoon coffee

1 tablespoon sugar

coconut oil

Avocado oil


This mask eliminates blackheads and small pimples. Mask the whole face first and then massage by hand.

Step 5:

Hydrating mask

2 tablespoons aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon grated potatoes

1 cucumber

Saffron oil

Pomegranate seed oil

I first applied a layer of this mask and then covered the method with a thin cloth and applied another layer.

I washed after 20 minutes.

Potatoes close the pores and the oils I used make the skin soft and supple, and cucumber and aloe vera are also hydrating.

Step 6:

Brightening and clarifying mask

1 tablespoon potatoes

1 tablespoon rice flour

Lemon and avocado oil

This mask can be used by both those with oily skin and those with dry skin.

A great and effective mask that you can use even around the eyes.

Step 7:

Lip scrub

1 teaspoon


As the previous mask on my face, I scrub my lips with this mask, which eliminates the dryness of their lips and makes them soft and supple.

Step 8:

At this stage, I apply rosemary oil, saffron oil and avocado oil to the entire hair shaft to eliminate the dryness of my hair.

Then I go to the bathroom to wash both my hair and my mask.

Last step:

After bathing, I apply argan oil to the bottom of my hair. This oil is very good for those who have dry hair.

I use shea butter for the lips.

You can see how much softer and softer my skin and hair become.

Do these steps once a week according to your hair and skin type.

I hope it was useful for you …..