How to properly apply powder cream?

Believe me, you have all been making cream powder wrong by now.

I promise, until now, you did not know how to cream with the right technique.

Either you did not build the infrastructure properly or you did not follow its tips at all.

In this article, I want to teach you how to professionally and technically apply your powder cream in such a way that it sleeps very naturally and beautifully on your skin.

Step 1: Cleansing the skin

The first and most important step is washing your face. Facial skin should be perfectly clean

Step 2: Primer

The second step is to choose a primer suitable for your skin, which makes the powder cream sleep very well on the skin.

Especially for very dry or very oily skin, whose cream powder is not good at all without primer.

To apply the primer, you can use both hand and beauty blender and you should not use the brush.

Step 3: Color correction

At this stage, if you have darkness or swelling, just cover them well with one of these contour pellets first.

For example, feed the dark circles around the eyes with a good sour orange color.

Step 4: Cream powder

You should pay attention to the color and material of the cream powder to match your skin type so that it sits on your skin more naturally.

Choose the color of your powder cream by testing on the jaw, which is not much different from the color of the neck.

When applying the cream powder, first add a small volume and feed it with a special cream powder brush and add if necessary.

Note that when applying the cream powder, feed and erase your hair line, but not in a way that it becomes creamy on the hair, we just want the face not to be two-tone.

Step 5: Concealer

The color of your concealer should not be much lighter than the color of your skin and powder cream to have a more natural makeup.

Preferably a degree lighter than powder cream is good.

Step 6: Powder Bake

Brush the powder with a sponge or beauty port on the concealer and the places where it is usually shiny and greasy, and press until that powder absorbs your cream powder.

If you apply the powder with a brush, there may be dots of powder on the face.

Seventh and final step: Fix spray

The last step to have natural and lasting make-up is fixed spray.

After applying the fix spray, you can press it on the skin with your long beauty, in the form of a blow, so that the spray is absorbed by the previous layers and keeps the make-up as it is for hours.

In this photo, I did one side of my face without a primer, with a powder cream that is unsuitable for my skin and without following the steps I mentioned, and you can see the difference completely.