When I went to Dubai for make-up courses, the first brand that caught my attention and I bought cosmetics from it was Inglot, you may not believe it, but I was very attracted to this brand and part of my shopping started with Inglot brand, after that In Iran, I became more familiar with Inglot and realized that Inglot is the only professional brand that is represented in Iran, and I am very happy that I started my work with such a brand in the beginning.
After a while, my collaboration with Inglot expanded, we collaborated in different ways, which was more important than all the events I had with you, and I was able to see you up close. After various collaborations between me and Inglot, Inglot invited me to go to Poland and take a full course of the Inglot brand under the supervision of Inglot’s main representative in Warsaw, even though I received a certificate, even though I had no connection with any beauty blogger, especially in Iran. I became Inglot’s ambassador to Iran.