Makeup without mascara and eyeliner

This tutorial is supposed to


eye linear


Do not use and have a completely natural make-up.

On the other hand, when you use your necklace and earrings like me in this photo, it is better to choose a more natural make-up so that your style is more special and not crowded.

First of all, as always, I use a primer and then I apply my powder cream with a clean brush.

Then I apply my powder cream with a sponge or beauty blender that I have already soaked

Now, I use a powder or pancake to make the makeup last longer and it is opaque and so that the makeup does not get greasy after a few hours.

Now I used a lipstick both as a blush and as a lipstick

When you apply blush like this, it looks much more natural and much more natural

And as you can see, I do not use any other shades or colors

I used a brown pencil inside my eyes so that my eyes would not be too lethargic, but I do not use mascara and eyeliner.

Well, as always, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial