My collaboration with Sigma was an enjoyable collaboration for me, as you know I have a set of brushes with the Sigma brand that includes three of my favorite brushes, apart from the fact that I really like these brushes. They are one of the most important and practical brushes that you need for make-up, and if you only have these three brushes, you do not need any more brushes, and they are very, very complete and practical. The day I saw Sigma’s email, they chose me for their cooperation. I was very, very excited because I was in Iran at the time, and because of the sanctions and the situation in Iran, it was very difficult for a US company to take that risk, but despite all this. It just happened because of you and your support and I always know this collaboration as a good memory and event in my life. You can enter my Instagram page to see the video of me and Sigma brush set, you can even see these three functional brushes by searching Shell Beauty brush set on Sigma site.

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